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Precer Services
Counselling, service and education
Precer Services offers information and technical support 
to companies, organisations and private persons in the 
areas biofuel, hybrid technology and environmental 

From base to advanced

Information and knowledge are important at the prospect
of new investments, to be able to make the right decision
on the right basis. 

Precerís educations give an overall picture of different
energy solutions, looking into every part individually,
considering as well environment as cost. The different
parts are studied from a lifecycle perspective and include
the whole cycle, from raw material to recycling.


Precerís educational programme stretches from a global perspective to details, and covers different kinds of fuel.
The education gives you knowledge and skill to be able

to make the right decision in different energy matters.

The educations are always adjusted to suit the customerís
specific needs and previous knowledge.



Precer biofuel and hybridtechnology education. Learn more...

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Precer offers lectures, courses and consulting in their revolutionary environmental-friendly biofuel solutions.

Precers services provides new vision and tenacity to achieve new environmental solutions.

For reservations please contact: or tel: + 46 (0) 76 147 71 00